1. NAME: The name of this body shall be the NORTHEAST BAPTIST ASSOCIATION, and is hereafter referred to as the “Association”.


  1. COOPERATION: This Association is an autonomous body, but chooses to cooperate with the Nevada Baptist Convention (“NBC”), and with the Southern Baptist Convention (“SBC”).




The purpose of the association is to encourage, develop, strengthen, resource and challenge its cooperating churches and members in obedient living and to expand the Kingdom of God.




  1. The Association consists of independent churches which have chosen to cooperate together, along with NBC and the SBC, and whose faith and practice are consistent with The Baptist Faith and Message.


  1. All member churches shall cooperate in the fellowship and the work of the association and shall faithfully contribute financially with the minimum expectation of at least an annual gift. These churches are considered “in good standing.”


  1. A church seeking to affiliate with the Northeast Baptist Association shall make a formal request to the association’s Administrative Team and provide all information requested by the team, at least 90 days before the Association’s annual meeting. This request will be given to the Church Planting Team who will meet with the requesting church and determine if all parties are in agreement and will be able to work cooperatively. The Church Planting Team will make known its findings and make a recommendation to the Administrative Team. The Administrative Team may approve the petitioning church for an interim period until the request can be presented at the annual meeting. Those churches seeking to affiliate must have




representatives at the meeting to answer any question which may arise. A two-thirds majority of those messengers present is required for acceptance.


  1. The Association reserves the right to disassociate itself from any member church that no longer show evidence of cooperation. This disassociation must be at the recommendation of the Administrative Team and must be approved by a two-thirds majority of the messengers present at the annual meeting.




  1. The officers of the Association will be: a moderator, vice moderator, treasurer, assistant treasurer, and clerk. These offices will be elected at the annual meeting (See Article V-Meetings) to begin serving a one year term from January through December. The Moderator cannot serve more than two consecutive full terms.


  1. These five officers, team leaders and the Director of Missions will comprise the Administrative Team. Any member in good standing, from a church in good standing, is encourage to attend the Administrative Team meetings. It will be the responsibility of the individual member to contact the association office to determine when and where the meeting will take place.




ANNUAL MEETING. The Association shall conduct an annual meeting (typically in October). Prior to this meeting the Administrative Team shall appoint a nominating Committee to bring nomination for those committee/sub-teams which the Administrative Team has determined necessary. These nominations will be presented at the annual meeting for vote. Additions or changes to the Nominating Committee’s recommendations will be accepted from the floor during the Annual Meeting. At this meeting, a budget proposal is to be presented for the following year, a report reflecting the expensed (to date) or the current year and team reports will be given. Other necessary business will be conducted.







QUARTERLY ADMINISTRATIVE TEAM MEETING. The Administrative Team shall strive to meet quarterly (except during the Annual Meeting quarter.) A quorum for the meetings of the Administrative Team shall be five team members. The Administrative Team shall review current trends in the association, discuss needs of the future, and conduct necessary business between the annual meetings. Minutes of these meetings shall be made available via the association’s website, distributions to each church, upon request, or in report at the annual meeting.


For the purpose of reporting, the associational year shall begin January 1 and end December 31. The annual budget shall also cover the period of January 1 through December 31.




  1. constitution may be amended by wo-thirds vote of the Northeast Baptist Association at the Annual meeting. All proposed amendments must be presented to the Administrative Team, in writing, at least 90 days before the Annual meeting. If amendments are presented from the floor at the Annual meeting, no action can be taken until the next Annual meeting. The Administrative Team can temporarily put into practice any needed changes, prior to approval at the next meeting.