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  1. Any meeting of the Association, the moderator (or appropriate replacement) will call the meeting to order and will preside, following the procedures outlined in 1 Corinthians 14:40. At any meeting or at any time in the meeting, if the moderator decides it is necessary, the moderator can call the meeting to order following the procedures outlined in Robert’s Rules of Order for Religious Bodies.


  1. A quorum for all meetings of the Administrative Team is 5 members and for an Annual Meeting it is those messengers in attendance who have determined to attend. (See Section III; E 3.)


  1. Special meetings of the Association may be called by the Administrative Team, provided that notice is sent to all cooperating churches as least thirty (30) days before the meeting. Acceptable notice can be sent by e-mail, mail, telephone, newsletter, etc.




  1. Administrative Team. See Article IV – Leadership, Item 2.


In addition to the fore mentioned structure and responsibilities, the Administrative Team will coordinate efforts with the Director of Missions. The Administrative Team will:

  1. Assume responsibility for the Director of Missions, when this position

is vacant. They may recommend to the association an interim

replacement until a permanent director is called.


  1. Assign people to fill incomplete terms when vacancies occur.


  1. Determine the time, place, and preacher for the annual meeting.


  1. Review and determine what teams and/or committees are needed.

Appoint persons to serve in areas on a temporary basis, until the

Association can vote.


  1. Address and respond to other needs as necessary and appropriate.


  1. Job descriptions and the process of hiring will be decided whenever

It becomes desirable and possible to hire additional staff.


The Director of Missions shall:

  1. Report directly to the Administrative Team at their quarterly

meetings or as determined necessary.


  1. Provide oversight of employees of the association.


  1. Operate within the approved budget and seek to coordinate additional

items/expenses with the Administrative Team.


  1. Coordinate the overall work of the association.


  1. Represent the association at the Nevada Baptist Convention, North

American Mission Board, and the Southern Baptist Convention.


  1. Fulfill obligations to the Nevada Baptist Convention, Southern

Baptist Convention, and other appropriate agencies.


  1. Church Planting Team: This team will be the primary team for determining what needs exist in the area of church planting. They will also be responsible for:
  1. Determining what level of support is needed from associational funds
  1. each church or pastor. Along with this they will determine the length of time funding will be provided by the requesting church/pastor.


  1. Deal with requests involving financial expenditures for new churches or missions which would come out of associational funds.


  1. If a church/mission seeks affiliation, they will act as a Credential Committee to insure doctrinal integrity and cooperative spirit is in place.


  1. They will submit budget requests for the upcoming year.


  1. They are to make necessary decisions within their approved budget.


  1. They are to report their activity to the Administrative Team and at the next Annual Meeting.


  1. They will respond to any other needs as appropriate within this area of ministry.



  1. Church Development Team.

This team will be primarily responsible for the strengthening of and responding to the needs of the churches. Some areas to consider, but not limited to are, evangelism, camp, men and women ministries, Christian education, music, stewardship, discipleship, disaster relief, etc. They will be responsible for:

  1. Anticipating Budget expenditures for the upcoming year and request appropriate fund.


  1. Seek input from churches as to what the needs are and how they can be met. Also be forward thinking, being proactive in meeting the needs of churches.


  1. Identify and recruit persons who can lean in needed ministries within the church development area.


  1. Monitor current budget expenditures.


  1. Respond to any other needs as appropriate within this area of ministry.


  1. They are to report their activity to the Administrative Team and at the next Annual Meeting.




  1. Moderator.
  1. Preside over Annual Meeting and Administrative Team meeting.


  1. Insure a report on the work of the Administrative Team to the Association is presented at the Annual meeting.



  1. Vice-Moderator.
  1. If the moderator will be absent for a meeting, the vice-moderator will preside.


  1. If the moderator is not able to fulfill the term, the vice-moderator will assume the position of moderator and the Administrative Team will elect a new vice-moderator.


  1. Treasurer.
  1. Keep accurate account of Association’s funds.


2 Submit a financial report at regular meetings of the Administrative Team and at the Annual meeting.


  1. Provide the necessary documentation for an annual audit, when requested.


  1. Be part of the budget planning process.


  1. Assistant Treasurer.
  1. To serve in place of the Treasurer when absent.


  1. Be familiar with and capable of maintaining the financial records.


  1. Be part of the budget planning process.


  1. Clerk.
  1. Keep accurate minutes of the Annual meeting and Administrative Team meetings.


  1. Edit and prepare copies of all reports that are to be presented at the Annual meeting and Administrative Team meetings.


  1. Maintain a record of elected messengers to the annual meeting. Messengers are those individuals from each church who have been elected by their church to represent that church. No church shall have more than 5 messengers.







Decisions to borrow money or to purchase property may only be made by the Association as a whole. In case of a short notice opportunity, the Administrative Team can make the decision, but must report its actions to the churches of the association by either mail, e-mail, newsletter, or at the annual meeting.




Property. The Association reserves the right to accept or reject any gift of property, of either ownership or co-ownership. This decision can be made by the Administrative Team. Any decisions made must be reported to the entire Association either by letter, e-mail, and newsletter or at its Annual meeting.


Designated Funds. Any monies which are given to the Association as designated funds will only be held in such status for 3 years. At the end of three years, the association will determine if these funds are still needing to be held in a designated account or not. If it is determined they should remain in a designated status, they will be kept for one more year. At which time another determination will be made. If it is determined the designated status is no longer needed, these funds will be released to the general fund.




These By-Laws may be amended ty a two-thirds vote of the Northeast Baptist Association at the annual meeting. All proposed amendments must be presented to the Administrative Team, in writing, at least 90 days before the Annual meeting. If amendments are presented from the floor at the annual meeting, no action can be taken until the next Annual meeting. The Administrative Team can temporarily put into practice any needed changes, prior to approval at the next Annual meeting.


Oct. 13, 2009

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