2021 Annual Meeting

Northeast Baptist Association Annual Meeting                                                 September 25, 2021

Robin Stork welcomed messengers and visitors to Wells Baptist Church for the meeting. Technical difficulties did not allow for the meeting to be available on Zoom. After the singing of a hymn, the business meeting was called to order followed by a prayer. Bill Cox, vice moderator, was introduced to moderate the meeting in absence of Jim Disbro who sent his apology for not being present. After another hymn Bill Cox began the session by calling for the presentation of the budget and proposals following the agenda printed on page 5 of the book of reports.

Jessca Schmidt, bookkeeper, referred messengers to the first green pages in our reports for the proposed budget for 2022. The 2021 budget was frozen and the only changes for 2022 are for personnel expenses. The GuideStone retirement would increase by $100 per month and an 8% increase for director of missions, secretary, and bookkeeper. The proposal would be voted on later in the day.

Robin Stork presented the NAMB Pipeline Training opportunity for leaders in our churches. This online training could meet the needs of our rural setting. Register through your church to NEBA at no cost to the participant. NEBA will be the facilitator. The training is all online. Robin challenged every church to register at least one leader to go through the online program.

Jim Ballard was introduced to report on the Wildhorse Mission and cowboy church start in that area. Don Edwards, pastor at Carlin, was unable to attend due to a death in his congregation from Covid-19. (Jim asked prayer for his own daughter in the hospital presently with complications from Covid-19 and her family as well.) The Wildhorse mission is 99% complete with the refurbishing project. Home Depot gave them flooring below cost. Someone just needs to install it. The cowboy church is meeting on Thursday evenings because the cowboys requested that night. They launched with a well attended steak dinner. There is a Tuesday Bible Study meeting in the mobile home and interest in having a Sunday service in the community.

David Carothers from Las Vegas was introduced. He is finishing work on a doctorate on church revitalization through Midwestern Seminary. From his experience and research he concludes the modern church has failed to teach people to know God, to have a growing relationship, to know Jesus personally. He said, “What we need to give people is Jesus and we have to make disciples one on one.” His project asks: How do we revitalize our churches? Nevada numbers are the same as across the nation. He asked pastors to help submit information needing 80% of pastors submitting data. He wants to complete the project with pastors; pastors then can use the data with their churches. He offered cards and chips to use for evangelizing.

Janet Royal gave the women’s ministry report including handing out packets for the 2022 Women’s Conference to each church represented. The conferences for 2020 and 2021 were canceled because of Covid. She told the story about Penny Mason who, together with her husband, donated property in Ryndon, NV for the location of a new church plant. The Bridge Church is actively seeking to start a church there. She also said the women’s conference is being more widely publicized to all of NV, not just within Northeast Baptist Association.

Damien Cirincione, new Executive Director of Nevada Baptist Convention, was introduced . He gave a summary of his life and background that prepared him to accept his present position. He is from an Italian Catholic family growing up near Buffalo, New York. He met Jesus July 12, 1993. He served on two church staffs in Las Vegas and graduated from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in 2003. He was part of a church plant in a small community in Texas. Then back to Shadow Hills in Vegas for 18 years. His wife is from Tonopah, Nevada.

After a 10 minute break, Bill Cox introduced Craig Burford, pastor of the Wells Baptist Church to deliver the annual message. He connected two texts: Exodus 40:34 and 1 Corinthians 2:2. The main message of the Bible is  “to preach Christ and Him crucified”. Pastor Burford took us from the Old Testament blood sacrifices at the tent of meeting/tabernacle/temple where God met His people foreshadowing our sacrificial lamb Jesus in the New Testament. Jesus Christ was the more perfect atonement bringing forgiveness of sins. In 1 Corinthians 15:28 Jesus’ ministry brings us to the place where God is “all in all”.

The business session resumed with the budget presentation and 2022 proposal questioning opportunity. Jessca Schmidt answered questions. Margie June Stork made a motion, second by Michele Cason to accept the budget proposal as presented. Passed.

Bill Cox called for nominations from the floor for assistant treasurer mainly to sign checks. Margie Stork nominated Cindy Pearson of Wells. It was stated from the messengers that no second is needed for a nomination. Cindy Pearson was elected assistant treasurer.

Nominations were accepted for moderator. Michele Cason nominated Bill Cox who has been serving as vice moderator the last year.  Margie Stork seconded the nomination and Tim Royal moved the nominations cease. Bill Cox was elected moderator.

Nominations were open for assistant moderator. Tim Royal nominated Dennis Draves, pastor of West Wendover Baptist Church. There was a second followed by a motion that nominations cease. Dennis Draves was elected assistant moderator.

The following dates and places of meetings were announced. The 2022 annual meeting will be at First Baptist Church of Carlin. The 2023 annual meeting is scheduled for Fellowship Baptist Church in Battle Mountain.

Robin Stork gave his director’s report referring to the dark blue pages at the end of the book of reports. His report is also on the website: northeastbaptistassociation.org (which is down at the moment as our internet provider is working to get it back up). Robin stated that we currently have three pastorless churches and two name changes. Grass Valley Baptist Church is now called simply Valley Church. West Wendover Baptist Church is now called Blessed Hope Church. Last year Robin conducted a Place Workshop at one church and is available to lead others in this study of personality, spiritual gifts, abilities, passions, and life experiences in order to find one’s place in God’s Kingdom and His Church.

Robin also reported ordination of two pastors this year: Craig Burford at Wells and Don Edwards at Carlin. He led one deacon’s training as well. He mentioned successful outreach through VBS, block parties, and a youth rally at FBC Battle Mountain with nearly 200 professions of faith.

Church attendance is up in spite of losing some people during the Covid pandemic shutdown. Baptisms are up. He ended his report with a call to pray.

There was a motion to dismiss and second. Bill Cox asked Robin Stork to lead in prayer. Lunch was served by the host church, Wells Baptist Church.

All the available copies of the book of reports at the meeting were given out to messengers. Additional copies may be obtained by request to the NEBA office.

Respectfully submitted,

Jennifer Kern, Clerk

Annual Booklet PDF files can be emailed. Contact Jessica Riley at neba@mail.com